Master class on “Understanding Industry needs on the Employability of students”

28 MAR 2018 (0200 PM - 0330 PM) | ITC Grand Chola, Chennai

Master class on "Understanding Industry needs on the Employability of students"

28 MAR 2018 (0200 PM - 0330 PM) | ITC Grand Chola, Chennai

Every Educational Institution is of the opinion that as representatives of the academia, it is the need of the hour to understand the recruiter’s needs. The industry being volatile, the skill requirements keep on changing and it is essential to keep abreast of the needs. The conclave will aid in gathering some critical industry insights towards better employability of students. This track will feature HR leaders of some of the largest IT and engineering companies sharing an employer’s perspective on shaping young talent to meet industry expectations

Obviously, creating a talent pool that is fit for recruitment is essential. On the other hand, industry is in the outlook for such talents that are with entrepreneurial abilities to take the business further. This scenario makes imperative the efforts to establish High Impact Placement that work together to produce such talent that is supple to take up a career in either of the options. This transformation shall be enhanced through wider industry-institute interactions that provide the right guidance periodically.

The 32nd BRIDGE in Chennai has an exclusive workshop for Training and Placement Officers. The Theme of the session relies on "Understanding the Industry needs on the employability of students”. This session is to create a common platform to discuss the current issues and challenges faced by different colleges in terms of core skill development, network and job opportunity for students. Placement heads, Placement coordinators, Training and placement executives from any educational institutions can attend this workshop to create more industry oriented job opportunities for students.

Focus Areas

Recruitment Trends and preparing students for future of work

To understand the industry expectation on student placement

Differentiating from the competition – The challenge for talent leaders and educators

To improve the industry – institute relationships

To enhance the employability skills among the students to meet out the corporate expectations



Placement Directors


Heads of Incubation


EDCs of 150 Engineering Colleges across India